T2W BeBe To Biz

How do I get my idea to market?

Crawling, cruising and walking in business!

There are very critical steps for your child’s development and each one happens quickly and for the most part, naturally. Every child has their own timing when he or she is ready to move on to the next adventure. Each step has value and is valuable to the development.

Crawling is a stage that is crucial towards the development of your child’s motor skills. Allowing your child to crawl and adventure in this manner stimulates their brain and teaches them movement of all parts of their body.

Cruising is a very safe time that helps them trust their own self while they move around the room using furniture to help guide them. It helps them with balance and lets them know that falling on their bottom is ok.

Walking is a wonderful part of the development and allows freedom and allows your loved one to be the initiator as they strengthen and develop naturally.

Breaking into the baby market

Bebe business is the same way. It’s important to take things very slowly in a natural flow. For example, as you begin your profound and fortunate journey as a parent, you might notice there are things that you wish you had or that you need and in some cases, you will improvise a pillow for your child or how you bathe your child or in our case, mom had an epidural and could not lean forward to walk with her child and “wa la”, the tot2walk was born! Tot2walk is now in 30 countries and growing.

Many moms and dads have the creativity and the ability to think for the moment in need of their child and their specific need but rarely do they think their idea can help others.

In the coming weeks and months, the “T2W Bebe Biz” will walk you through everything you need to know to bring your ideas to the market. What it takes to help another parent and child in need as well as taking your entrepreneurial spirit to the next level.