T2W Bebe 2 Biz

Do your research

Right when you think you have the most unique and novel idea, think again. Someone may have
had the same idea “similar” to what you have in mind, it happens. The question is, do they really?
“Have I really done all the research possible?” Ask your self “Have I analyzed my findings and
compare them to what makes my idea different. How am I using it compared to the product that
may be similar”? In some cases, shape or design could be used for something completely
different than what you intend your product to be and the slightest of tweaks
can make your creation a valuable product in the babe industry.


One of the most challenging but the most important strategy when you find
you may have discovered a new idea is a patience. The emotion of
Exuberance can create excitement for you and all around but it also can
cloud your vision of the task at hand. The key is to be your own worst critic
and to be able to understand what the cons are when they come up, doing
this while staying steadfast and positive with your journey.


Eureka!! You just may have an idea that moms, dads and bebe can benefit from, now what?
Do you need a lawyer, should you trademark and patent the idea? Not so fast! The
expense could be a lot more than you can conceivably invest. So what should you do?


For starters, you need to think about the material you are considering, taking under
consideration safety at all times.
Second, you must create an NDA {non disclosure agreement}. This is a simple agreement
between you and who you speak to about your creation. This agreement will protect you

when you begin the process. This NDA needs to be used each and every time you disclose
information about your design to anyone going forward.
Next, it's important to see the product designed. A graphic designer/engineer is the person
that can draw/create your design prior to manufacturing.

In our next T2W BEBE 2 BIZ, I will take you through materials, testing, trademarks, and patents! Stay tuned!!

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